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10 reasons why you should vote in the 2020 Elections in the USA

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Why you should vote in the 2020 elections– even if it feels like it doesn’t make any difference in the election result? It does not matter if it makes any difference or not, but voting in elections is a basic right of any human.

Overview of the 2020 elections in the USA

With the 2020 elections coming up, the fate of the US and the rest of the world will change over the next few years, depending on its outcome. The presidential election is scheduled for November 3, 2020. Millions of voters will be eligible to cast their votes and choose their representatives, changing the course of our new future. As important as this election is for our country, predicting numbers of votes cast is tough. Psychic predictions are also suggesting favorable results for Biden.

The percentages of people voting are unexpectedly low, and the trend has not changed for years. In the recent primary election of presidential candidates, the numbers have followed their disappointing patterns. In the 2016 presidential election, the voter turnout was a twenty-year low, which begs the question: why should citizens vote? What’s in it for them?

With the election coming up, we will be giving you solid reasons why you should vote, and be confident about choosing the right candidate for your country. No matter how small you think your contribution to the election is, it marks your right to say your opinion.


Who to vote for?

The upcoming election is the 59th Quadrennial presidential election of the United States, and as each one comes, millions of people need to choose their preferred candidate. The sources they find news from varied opinions, judgments, and recent information will be used as sources to set their opinion on who to vote for. Millions of articles get published, blogs get written, advertisements and campaigns are run to convince voters to choose their favorite candidate.

As a voter with a capability to see for yourself, you may question yourself about who I should vote for in 2020. Are they representing you? Do they reflect the voice of people or strive to follow honesty, integrity, and goodwill? The questions regarding why you should vote may bother you considerably.

Your who and why should I vote for in 2020 thought bubble needs exploring to make a decision. There are hundreds of factors to choose from, but the initial thought is simple: choose the one you believe in bringing betterment to your community, country, and the world.

There are 538 members in the Electoral College, and 270 electoral votes are needed to win for being a president. We can presume the names of who will be ahead in this fierce competition, but in the end, as decision lies on you, so should your judgment.

Regardless of your political views, choose the one you believe would be the perfect one for yourself and the people around you, one who will be creating improvements and justice to this term. The Republicans and Democrats have started running campaigns.


Why they should vote in the elections?

We often get tired of hearing the cliché words: “Every vote counts, that’s why you should vote” While these words are factually true in every aspect, it is tough to figure out the significant importance of how one single vote matters. In a country filled with millions of people, will one vote be critical in any decision-making in the election?

Because of this thought, people don’t go and vote, not realizing that millions are doing the same, and thus we’re losing almost half of the potential voters around the country. This is one of the driving reasons behind why you should vote.

Choosing a country’s fate depends on how its election is done and its outcomes. When people are given a chance to express their opinions and give their votes, people should at least let the country know what they are thinking. That’s why each and every votes count, and why it is so critical for the election.

Still don’t think there are good reasons as of why you should vote? Are you concerned that your favorite candidate is not popular? Is the thought of not getting someone you want to have as your leader demotivating you not to submit your votes?

Regardless of how eligible or famous the candidate is, you should have trust in your judgment. Your thinking and opinion have a free platform to be expressed. And when you step forward for voting, thousands of others will also. Such a small step may be enough for the future of the entire world. And who knows, maybe your one vote will be critical to turning the cards for thousands.

Why you should vote in the 2020 Elections?

Why you should vote
Voting in 2020 Elections

Still, thinking that your votes do not matter or no reason why you should vote? Here are some statements which may influence you:

1. You decide who makes the decisions for you:

Only you have the authority to choose your leader, and that is one of the most beautiful aspects of our country. Our elections are fair and open to the choice of all Americans. Your authority should be chosen by you. Only you know what you need as law-abiding citizens.

Your requirements, demands, and dreams about the country and the community will come to life once you choose the people who will j;[ attain them. If the candidate you voted for wins, he/she can represent your voice in the government and can influence the issues of policy, which matters to you.

With such huge power comes the responsibility to be a good citizen and express your votes. Help yourself by electing someone who will work and strive to help you.

2. The people who are not voting can change the course of the result:

About ninety million eligible voters from the entire country did not vote in the 2016 election, which accounts for nearly half the population of the eligible voters. The situation is much more critical than we think. If even half of those ninety million people voted, the results might have changed, and our country could have been much more different now.

Thinking about this, you may understand the fact that missed votes matter a lot, and when people start to voice their opinions, we progress as a nation, always.

3. Missed votes mean a missed chance of giving opinions:

A vote is a right: a right exercised by people to reflect what they believe and feel about the people they elect to run the country. Over the course of history, the world has witnessed numerous protests to earn suffrage: voting rights. All the protests in the past to earn the right to vote now have become a thing to ignore for so many people in the country.

Whenever a person misses a vote, it is an opportunity missed to give your opinion. The government to which you will be providing all your tax dollars is accountable for your opinion too. Choose your government; give your idea with the millions.

4. Drive politicians to work for your benefit:

The candidates critically observe the voting percentage and the results after the election. The voter turnout is seen as the number the candidates make real political decisions with. When they see that a particular age group is voting more, they may appeal to that age group more, and thus you will get benefits.

Even without these selective benefits, the candidates will know that they are held more accountable and will always work more and bring better results. Being correctly judged by the people is something candidates will work for.

5. If the politicians you want to vote do not have much chance:

This is one of the most crucial topics. What if your favorite does not have a chance among such a vast amount of competitors? Well, your vote matters just as much even then. The winning candidates will definitely be checking the results of his competitors, and he/she will be making sure to work harder, seeing the increased votes of other candidates.

Plus, politics is a long term goal of diplomacy and excellence. Supporting your candidate will be giving him/her hopes and information on how to win in the next elections.

Either way, voting for someone you believe in has nothing but good.

6. Choose who represents your local area: electing the one you will get direct benefits from:

Voting will enable you to choose who will be representing your local areas in the government. While it seems far away, the option of choosing someone who has the courage to raise issues in the government about what you and the people of your area need are critical.

The local area candidates can raise important topics like immigration status to any form of local infrastructure and address complaints and concerns of the citizenry from his area.  Thus it is necessary to vote and choose the right one.

7. Protesting Against a bad representative:

You may often think that not voting may offer a way to protest against the current representative, but in the end, it just becomes absolutely worthless. Voting is the way of protesting: a single vote to the better candidate will make him further away every time. The vote will always be the most effective way to let the candidates know how they have been evaluated. That’

Not only this, when votes are cast according to what each people think, the candidates know more about how, where, and when they have made mistakes in their campaigns or when they were in charge. This can obviously help them in improving their representation of the electorate..

Freedom of choice is inherent and described as clearly as possible in the US constitution, and so, expressing what you want through your legal right will be the most effective way there is.

8. Options of leaving/spoiling your ballot:

Often comes a time when you may not feel supportive of any of the people wanting to be elected. But not voting is not the solution. When you do not vote, you’re just a number in statistics labeled as the people who were uninterested. This can make your opinion an unimportant one throughout this entire process.

Luckily, you can leave the ballot paper blank, or you can even spoil it. These are counted and are public information. You become a symbol of protesting, not just a mere number among the “uninterested voters.” This gives you power as a true citizen of the country.

9. Supporting the electoral reform:

There are many voters who argue that the electoral reform needs to happen for the system to be more proportional than it is now. But, when only the voters of the main parties vote, the system will not be changed. When people of different thoughts and opinions raise the voice, it will show that the demand for the representation of other parties is present. Thus, it will further smoothen the path towards electoral reformation.

10. You may care about voting within four years, even if you are not now:

You may even feel that a president or any political figure is not someone of that much importance to you. Sooner or later, you will start to understand how each of their decisions slowly comes down to affect your life. Things such as employment, healthcare, and others can be affected during the term of a representative. It’s better to bring someone you would get benefit from than not to say anything about this entire process and not give votes.

Why we should vote?

After discussing why the citizens need to vote, we can only ask ourselves about the reasons that keep us stopping from voting for the people we think should be in charge. And the ballpark answer is: we are only stopping ourselves.

You may be asking yourself why you should vote. Every time you vote, it becomes a habit. The more you practice your right, the more it turns into a duty of yours. From choosing the right one to letting candidates better themselves and removing bad authorities from their positions, voting works like a charm in the modern world. In fact, voting has paved paths towards freedom and victory for billions of people in human history.

The history of the women’s suffrage movement, the racial issues, and protests to earn suffrage all engaged in protests to win this right. It will be a devaluation of their struggles if you think simple voting will have no positive or significant impact on how the country is now.

The current United States has been talked about a lot for being broken and divided into race and class. It is facing religious issues, terrorism, and numerous other issues of concern. As a citizen who wants your family, friends, and country to be safe and sound, you clearly understand how critical it is for us to vote.

The election is a periodical occurrence in our country, and the unity among the voters will send a message to the representatives of how their actions affect their results. And that’s what they should always keep this concept in their heads and why you should vote along with everyone.

Should I vote?


Whether you think of us as a community, or just only as a citizen of the country with the right to exercise the freedom of giving opinions, you can clearly understand the necessity behind voting. When you think that you are just one person and your vote will not matter, that’s the main reason there will be many people not voting in the final election.

But when you understand the importance of your right, only then can you inspire people and increase the voting numbers, creating actual changes to the entire scenario.


All parties:

The political atmosphere of the United Stated has always been dominated by two major political parties, which are Democratic and Republican Parties. This system of two political parties is based on the evolution and rise in the strength of these two parties over time.

There are many small and minor parties that may win through the local elections but never rise strong enough to participate in a national election like this. The minor parties are the Libertarian Party, Green party, Constitution party, etc. 

The parties adopt major political views and their own campaigns designed to tell the people what they will do if they win this election.

The presumptions are suggesting a lot of the potential outcome. According to the forecasts, the citizens of America will be choosing the next president within these four candidates currently running for president. The notable figures are Joe Biden from the Democratic Party, Donald Trump from the Republican Party, Dario Hunter from the Green party, and Arvin Vohra from the Libertarian Party. The issue of party affiliation is common for every candidate. 

The current president of the United States, Donald Trump, has launched his re-election campaign. The Democratic National Convention is scheduled to be held on August 17 this year, whereas the Republican National Convention is scheduled to be held on August 24 this year.


As the general election is near, millions of voters are thinking about whom to vote for and whether or not to vote. As every vote matters, people should know why it is important and contribute to the political progress of their country. Exercising the right properly will give us a much wider audience to gain opinions from and thus a much better result in voting. That’s why you should vote in the upcoming 2020 elections in the USA.

It will be better for all the candidates spending their time and effort into running for this election and make us choose better ones for a sustainable and better future. So, get ready to vote together, as a community, for prosperity and for believing in the excellence America promises, always.

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